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Trials in April

Cynosport Rally Trial
April 14 and April 15 2017

UKC Rally and Obedience Show
April 22-April 23 2017

CDSP Show Sunday April 30th

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Karen Kennedy's show and go
Joanne Cotter and Niko first Open leg


Pleasantpine Labadors
Hedgerow Kennels-Pat Perry instructor/owner
Dog Training Club, inc 
Ceramic Animal Sculptures-Ronnie Gould

Obedience Matches and Show and Go's
Charles River Matches in Boston Area

Greater Boston Labador Club









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Sandy's Sat...
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 June 28 & 29 2014

Captain handle by Pat Perry got two Master Hunter Legs towards his Master Title three more to go...
I was unable to be there, but I heard he did awesome, first two tries and comes out with the two legs and also told to Pat by the
judge the highest scored dog on land on Sunday and the best working Welshie they have seen...
That's my man...

This page has been put in the website for me to tell the story of my journeys with my dogs. i wasn't going to do this page because I never like to brag about my dogs accomplishments but a student of mine said " Sandy think of it this way you are telling the truth, your not bragging". With that being said I decided to do "Sandy's Page", I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures with my dogs, good and bad. This will be a slow process if your interested you may want to check back here and there for the updates.

captains snow pile This is Captain, he is my third Welsh Springer Spaniel, I love this breed many competition people would never own a Welshie because they are not easy to train. They are so devoted to the owner and their family. He loves me whether it is out doing field training or just hanging around the house he is never far away from me. When i fell over Cadie December 17th 2010 and broke my humerous bone, I knew something bad had happened, forunately Cadie was ok, and just walked past me looking at me and had that look like what are you doing sitting on the floor you don't do that anymore. When the EMT's came I just told the dogs to go into the other room and they did, the EMT's were impressed how well trained the dogs were, when they learned I was a dog trainer they hoped my arm was ok and i could get back to work soon. Well it wasn't ok, a week out of work and 6 weeks in a sling. We kept everything running but it wasn't easy, the point of this is I spent 6 months in the den at night with the dogs on a recliner loveset which is the only thing I could sleep in and every night either Cassie or Captain were next to my side and if i was upset, Cassie gave me kisses and Captain put his head on my shoulder what more could i have wanted to make me feel better.

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